How International Payment Processing Services Can Help You Expand Your Business

What is the most transformative invention in world history? There are a lot of possibilities. Is it the light bulb? Perhaps the printing press? Or maybe it’s Eli Whitney’s cotton gin. They all rank up there among the very best of them all, but equally as strong a case can be made for the internet. The worldwide web has revolutionized business processes around the globe. That’s because, in addition to advertising to potential clientele half a world away, business owners like yourself can seamlessly accept online payments from them.

It’s all made possible by leveraging international payment processing services. But before we get into the nitty-gritty of what we do in terms of payment services and more, here’s some more information about international payment processing services, how you go about accepting international credit card payments as a small business and a few more details about the limitless possibilities at your fingertips through international payment solutions and the ways to accept payment of all types.

How do you go about accepting international payments?

With an estimated 4.8 billion internet users worldwide, according to the most recent figures available from Internet World Stats, online connectivity has dramatically increased business owners’ prospective pool of customers. The simplest, most straightforward way of doing this safely is through something called an international payment gateway. An international payment gateway is just like it sounds – it’s essentially a portal that opens the door (figuratively speaking, of course) to credit card or debit card payment authorization. This is done by confirming all the details on the card itself, including who owns the card and the company or bank that issued it. From physical card-reading devices at brick-and-mortar stores to tablets that double as point-of-sales stations, these are all types of payment gateways, which serve as the go-between for the customer making the payment and the credit card company or bank that issued the card originally.

Of course, when your customer is in London or Auckland and you’re in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin, accepting secure credit card payments isn’t as simple as inserting or swiping into a physical point of sales unit. What’s more, there are well over 160 currencies in existence – and that’s just the ones recognized as such by the United Nations.

“Multi-currency payment gateways make foreign exchanges simple and more convenient.”

The way around this is by leveraging a multi-currency payment gateway. From PayPal to Worldpay to Stripe and many more, multi-currency payment gateways make foreign exchanges simple and more convenient for everyone involved in the transaction. In particular, the buyer, but also the company that is selling the product or service.product or service.

In addition to translating exchange rates from euros to pesos or to dollars, international payment processing services ensure that all the details on the credit card are accurate and that the transaction fully goes through electronically so it can seamlessly go through the merchant account and eventually to your business’ account. In short, without an international payment processor, cross-border buying and selling and your ability to accept payments become a whole lot more complex and inconvenient.

What are currency conversion services?

As previously noted, there are at least 160 different currencies that people use on a day-to-day basis. From the yen in Tokyo to the peso in Panama, currencies can be a moving target, as at any given moment, other countries’ currency valuation relative to the U.S. dollar is subject to change, sometimes quite significantly.

Currency conversion services specialize in, well, converting one currency to another. Generally speaking, financial institutions and processors involved in currency conversion usually charge a small fee. That fee is typically a certain percentage of the purchase price.

There is a slight difference between foreign transaction services and currency conversion services. The main distinction lies in who is performing the service. Again, generally speaking, foreign transaction services and fees are imposed by credit card issuers, such as Visa or Mastercard. Additionally, these are relevant when customers send money from overseas or out of the country.

“Currency conversion services are typically undertaken by credit card payment processors.”

Currency conversion services, on the other hand, are typically undertaken by credit card payment processors, meaning the companies that process credit card transactions well before they wind up in the merchant account. When fees are applied, they’re in addition to the foreign transaction fee. Who ultimately pays these fees – the customer or the merchant – is frequently dependent on the issuing bank or credit card company.

Are international banks or money transfers safe?

Identity theft is a major issue as cyber attackers are constantly reworking their conniving strategies to steal people’s highly sensitive information and their life savings. The more steps involved in relaying global payments, the greater the risk.

Fortunately, thanks to encryption technology, multi-factor authentication, and other defensive strategies, fraudsters are on the run. However, they’re clearly not hiding, as they’re always looking for ways to outmaneuver firewalls and exploit openings.

However, it is important to note that if your business is going to be offering your goods or services globally, it is always best to implement an IP enabled currency converter on your website so your customers will be able to check out in their local currency. Allowing your customers to check out with their local currency will ensure greater conversions and happy customers.

Free Conference Call Services – Why Find Free Web Conference Call Hosting

Web conference call services have made a revolution in the conference calling world. Now you can hold and manage your conferences anytime or anywhere simply using your laptop and the Internet.

You know how web conference call services are becoming more and more popular instead of traditional phone line conference services. Because it is easier to use, faster, and automated.

And as if all the benefits already wasn’t enough, web conference hosting companies are coming with more ideas to improve it even better and win more customer by offering free conference services.

Yes, the good news is, now you can run your own conference call on the Internet and use all the powerful features… for free.

But doesn’t it sound too good to be true?

Wise question. So let’s find out…

What Are the Pros and Cons of Free Conference Call Services?

Even though they may sound amazing, there are a few things you want to be aware of.

There are dozens of companies that offer conference hosting for free, and even though they all may claim to be the best in the market, you and I know it can’t be true for all of them.

Naturally we have great services, average services, and even terrible services that you want to stay away from.

But the good news is, there are a few top quality services that offer you such a great service that you will find is even better than many paid ones out there.

So how can you find out which conference call hosting service is the best for you?

There are a few important factors to look for when comparing them together. Also there are some very important questions to ask before, so you know you’re getting the best deal.

Why to Choose Magento Ecommerce Website Development Services

Magento is the shopping cart which makes online shopping extremely easy for the users and is indeed the smartest and the most robust ecommerce platform to make the life of an individual easy. An ecommerce website is a viable option for the online businesses looking to facilitate transactions and sales online. Transactions can be carried out easily and conveniently when you design an ecommerce website. Not only your prospective buyers can gain information on your products and services but also they can proceed towards making purchases. If you wish for innovative, functional, creative shopping cart, you may consider Magento ecommerce website development services.

Magento is a platform which offers creative shopping cart system to simplify the process of sales. Your ecommerce shopping site will also appear attractive with this option. Not all the ecommerce platform is considered secure but this one is reliable and secure among the competitors.

Why is Magento thought to be the best?

You may confidently consider this particular platform for your ecommerce website development because of following reasons:

· It is the best open source platform for the ecommerce website. If you are looking forward to ecommerce website development services, you must go for Magento website development.

· Since the source code here is chosen to be ‘public’, anyone can look up the code and read it. Thus, we may say that it offers transparency.

· It is flexible and highly scalable

· It is acknowledged worldwide and is thought to be the finest shopping cart system

· The feature rich platform is used extensively across the globe.

Ecommerce website for an optimized presence online

The use of an ecommerce website has greatly improved or enhanced in the recent times. For instance, credit cards can facilitate easy payment and seamless transaction online. The popularity of the ecommerce site is increasing owing to the advancement, innovativeness in the realm. A lot many ecommerce website development companies deliver well designed, attractive, innovative and appealing websites at reduced costs. They are much easier to navigate to bring you more sales. Service providers and professionals ensure that websites function in an error-free manner with the help of support based and advanced application software. The application functions all the time without any need for human intervention. It is important to choose the best service provider for designing an ecommerce website.

Tips on choosing the service provider

If you are looking to avail the best service providers, you may follow the below stated tips:

· Creativity, capability and the level of specialization: You should look for a company which is professional and bears experience and expertise in delivering the service. Check out the portfolio or the past work accomplished and get to know about the capability of the company. Visit the blogs, collect references and talk to the past clients.

· The kind of services offered by the firm: You must go for a service provider who can offer you an array of services to optimize your website and web content. It must utilize pay per click, search engine optimization to boost traffic to your site.

Why Go For Magento Ecommerce Website Development Services

There are many reasons why you should use the Magento platform. When it comes to creating a new store or getting to a new version, then Magento tops the list. Therefore, let’s take a look at some of its key features and know why Magento is a great option for Ecommerce websites.


Available in two editions; 1) Magento Enterprise Edition and 2) Magento Community Edition. It is widely used by developers to build websites with various functions. The platform is adaptable and lets developers change the codes as per their needs. There is no cost involved in using Magento website development features.


It allows developers to inculcate modern methodologies and new features to make Ecommerce websites fast and of course performance-oriented. This popular framework promotes and motivates easy customization of products, shopping carts, brands and much more.

SEO Functionality

The thing that makes this framework different from others is Magento has built-in SEO features and supports search engine optimized results. Meta tags, Description, and Keywords can be configured easily for every product and providing your Ecommerce team control over how search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc, interpret your store’s product offerings.


Enables suitability on mobile phones regardless of their screen size and other features. So Magento Ecommerce development assists in illustration expected customers & clients to the e-portal. If you are running a small business, then you can start with basic community install growth by leveraging the Magento platform- growth simply by using the Magento platform and upgrade to venture as your business grows. Customers can access websites easily through their desktop, laptop, smartphone, iPhone, tablet, etc.

Multilingual & Scalable

If you are operating your business many countries, then you need to incorporate different languages for different clients and customers. Make sure that you provide something for everyone so that people do not leave your store without buying something. For this, the Magento platform has caught a big market share in the world of Ecommerce. One of the key features Magento is best-known for is it featured with the capability to host many websites on single backend admin. This is the reason that the framework is one of the top-rated platforms today. Whether you want to sell 1k or 100k products, the platform an provide as much support as you need.

We know that every Ecommerce website has different needs, but Magento is better made-up to provide on a store’s needs than other platforms available.You can drive business growth by using the Magento platform.

Importance of Catalog Processing Services in Making Your eCommerce Store Successful

A successful eCommerce business requires well managed and updated online catalogs. Catalog management and processing has become the most crucial element of the thriving eCommerce industry. It is no secret that a well managed product catalog can help you to reach out to more potential customers, thereby increasing sales and revenue. An eCommerce store with updated product information and visually appealing product images is successful in attracting potential buyers and also compels them to make a purchase. Similarly a product page that is descriptive allows buyers to better understand what a product is going to be like, which will help them to make informed purchase decision.

While setting up a product page for your eCommerce store, you must make sure of a few things such as:

• The products are placed in the correct category so that is easily searchable

• The product images that are to be uploaded are visually appealing and compelling

• The price that you are offering is in sync with what it is being offered by your competitors so as to stay in competition

• The product is adequately described with all the product features., attributes and benefits

• The product titles, descriptions, etc., have keywords incorporated to increase the visibility of your products and to get it ranked higher on searches

Sure, catalog processing can be performed by in-house team however since, catalog processing is a very time taking and consuming task it is best to take the help of catalog processing services providers. They can help you manage your product catalogs in a professional way.

eCommerce Catalog Processing Services includes:

• Adding new products both manual as well as bulk uploads

• Data extraction from numerous sources such as competitor or manufacturer website, etc

• Updating existing product listings both manual as well as bulk uploads

• Track product prices

• Image processing, editing and retouching

• Search engine optimized product pages

• Order and inventory management

Advantages of outsourcing Catalog data entry services and catalog processing services:

• Get a comprehensive range of catalog processing services such as product data entry for product description, titles, image enhancement.

• Use of latest tools and technologies

• Quick turnaround time

• Quality and accurate services

• Support and assistance at all phase

• Safety and security of your business data is ensured

• Services are available at competitive rates

Every online store needs to upload new products and update existing ones from time to time. There is always a need for accurate and reliable catalog data entry services for the success of any eCommerce store. Therefore, catalog data entry outsourcing companies have a major role to play in the catalog data entry process for online store no matter the size or stage of the business. So, if you are an eCommerce store owner and want to focus on the core activities of your business then outsourcing is the best option available to sellers like you. Don’t hold back, hire an expert now.